• Carl-Heinrich Havemann

    Director of International Parternships

    Carl-Heinrich heads up Vision3's international partnerships division with focus on expanding creative solutions beyond the UK, in particular our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality productions for industries across the board.

    In the past Carl-Heinrich has founded a cinematic VR hardware company and has various international business venture experience. His philosophy has always been to enable the potential of new technologies to enhance the the human experience, with a focussed vision on the immersive experiences.

  • Angus Cameron

    Stereo Supervisor + Technical Director

    With over 50 feature film credits to his name, Angus is a veteran of the Post Production and VFX industry.

    After founding Vision3 in 2008 with Chris Parks, Angus is at the core of the company's creative and technical strategy creation. His role includes the Supervision of 3D films through post production, and the creation and implementation of the company's bespoke database system - Thera

  • Adam May

    Head of Production + Company Director

    Adam joined Angus and Chris shortly after the formation of Vision3 in 2008, and is chiefly responsible for the overall management of operations of the Vision3 Gower St facility, as well as the business development of future 3D projects and opportunities.

    He works closely with Film Studios & Production Companies, to develop successful structures and approaches to the production of 3D films. He also directly works with Press, PR and Government institutions to promote a global drive for better 3D filmmaking.

    Adam is responsible for creating the 3D Creative Summit - an annual two day conference in London that has welcomed the industry's leading figures in 3D, including James Cameron, Ang Lee, Sir David Attenborough, Brian May and Jean-Pierre Jenuet as speakers at the event.

    Adam is a board member of the International Advanced Imaging Society (formerly International 3D Society)

  • Chris Parks

    Stereo Supervisor + Creative Director

    Through his highly acclaimed work on awarding winning feature films, natural history documentaries and commercials, Chris established himself as one of the world's leading voices in 3D. Following this ground breaking work on 'Gravity', Chris has continued to innovate how 3D is utilised creatively on some of the industry's highest profile releases.

    Chris has developed his 3D skills over the past twenty years, developing techniques and equipment for shooting and exhibiting 3D, including large scale museum exhibits, IMAX special venue films and a series of 3D books which was published in 13 languages. In 2008 he co-founded Vision3 to support productions both technically and creatively, with a specific focus on how 3D can be used to enhance stories and give genuine benefit to audiences.

    Chris’s Imax and special venue stereography stretches back over 20 years and includes work on productions such as Wings of Courage, Bugs! and Plankton 3D. Alongside his stereo work, Chris also continues to shoot specialist 2D film work for features and commercials, including sequences for Darren Aronofsky’s ‘The Fountain’ and Terrence Malick’s ‘The Tree of Life’.