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Vision3 are the leading content creators for 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
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With an emphasis on using the best ‘tools for the job’, Vision3 explores how all forms of the latest 3D techniques (including native 3D filming, post conversion, stereo rendering and hybrids of all three) can be used to present a new way to tell stories and enhance the excitement & impact for audiences.

Formed in 2008 and built around over 40 years of stereo 3D experience within the company, Vision3 works directly with Hollywood Studios, international production teams and key heads of departments in ensuring that 3D adds genuine benefit and value to the Director’s narrative and stylistic intention.

Acclaimed 3D projects, including the academy award winning Gravity, JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and the acclaimed documentary Nick Cave: One More Time With Feeling, demonstrate how an innovative approach to pushing the creative boundaries can result in ground breaking 3D cinema.

Vision3 are 5 time receipts of the International 3D Society's ‘Lumiere Award’ - including Best Stereography in 2014 for Gravity.


Expanding upon their world renowned reputation as pace setters in content for emerging technologies, Vision3 have embraced VR.

Production partnerships for non-gaming entertainment for Sony Playstation VR and HTC/Valve Vive system have created VR experiences that genuinely advance the medium and demonstrate new ways to entertain. A collaboration with the Sony Playstation Immersive Technology Group lead to the acclaimed Joshua Bell experience for PSVR, recently awarded ‘Best VR Music Experience’ at the International Advanced Imaging Society Awards in LA.

Vision3 works closely with Jaunt VR on high level narrative and brand funded films, creating VR for clients including Coca Cola, Unilever, Virgin Media, Royal Opera House, Manchester City FC, Land Rover and with renowned performers and artists including Sir Paul McCartney.

The company is currently delivering a very high profile animated narrative VR piece for Oculus Story Studio.


As AR enters the market and becomes widely accessible to audiences, Vision3 will develop a series of exciting methods in taking stories and brand experiences to new platforms and levels of audience interaction.